DIY Shutters
have never been easier.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse throughout Australia & New Zealand

Have you been dreaming of installing Plantation Shutters, but don't know where to start?

Well, we have created EasyAS DIY shutter solutions for everyone.

Available nationwide in Australia and New Zealand and distributed through Bunnings Warehouse – this means there is always a convenient location near you.
The beauty of our DIY Shutter collection is it can all be done at your own pace and within your own budget.

What make EasyAS Shutters so…. easy?

We have kept it simple – this applies to our full collection of DIY shutter products, each coming with simple to follow installation instructions.

What makes them even easier? All our shutters are available from your local Bunnings Warehouse – just see the team at the Special Orders Desk.


EasyAS Shutter DIY Collection

Adjustable frame for easy D.I.Y install

Equipped with our patented adjustable frame that makes for an easy DIY install every time.

For the first time, homeowners have the ability to order straight off building plans due to its 20mm adjustable allowance across horizontal and vertical openings.

Compact design while being simple to install

EasyAS Sliding DIY Shutters not only look great but are designed to be sleek and unobtrusive.

Our sliding shutters come semi prefabricated making installation simple with easy to follow steps.

Bring an extra layer of comfort and style to your home by creating a barrier to retain warmth while also reducing outside noise.

Sliding Shutter - Installed

Create privacy and enclose outdoor spaces

EasyAS Aluminium Shutters not only look great but provide privacy and protection from the elements.

Aerofoil style blades can be opened and closed giving you control over adjusting airflow and allowing the outside in.

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