Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page to see a list of Bunnings stores with an EasyAS Adjustable Shutter sample display.

Yes, shutters are considered the only window covering that adds value to a home.

EasyAS Adjustable shutters come in two blades sizes, 90mm and 63mm.

Standard sizes are only available in 90mm blade size, but 63mm can be ordered through our Custom Made program.

Please contact the special orders desk at your local Bunnings Warehouse for more information.

EasyAS Adjustable Shutters are only available in Satin White.

Our aluminium shutters for outdoor use are available in four standard colours; Gloss White, Cream, Satin Black and Silver. Please visit the special orders desk at your local Bunnings Warehouse for more information.

Pricing for standard size EasyAS shutters is available on the Bunnings Warehouse website.

For Sliding Doors, Aluminium Shutters and Custom Made sizes, please contact the special orders desk at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

Shutters look great and have many practical advantages over other window furnishings.

Importantly, the horizontal blade makes it is easy to control light and privacy – shutters block out 90% of light when closed and the control bar prevents movement so there is no rattling or moving in the wind whether they are open or closed.

Roller blinds, for example, are either up or down and when down they block air flow.

Sheer fabric curtains offer no privacy at night and can billow and tear easily.

Venetians blinds rattle in the wind.

Shutters, however, offer full control of light and air flow without any noise. They also offer good insulation properties and a good architectural line to the window with easy maintenance.

Yes, all EasyAS Shutters come with a 10 year warranty. We recommend that you register the purchase of your EasyAS shutters to ensure that all details regarding the shutters are securely recorded.

Yes, replacement blade kits (including instructions) are available by contacting us on the following number 1800 805 018.

Replacement of a blade is a simple process and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Please ensure that you have your name, address and room location. If you have not registered your warranty we will also require the blade measurement (in millimetres) and, if available, the Bunnings order number.

Yes, EasyAS Shutters are child safe, unlike other window furnishing products with chains and cords.

  • The shutter panel and frame are made from PVC with blades including an aluminium strengthening insert.

No. Our finely finished, high quality PVC Shutters have been independently tested and certified free of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions making them non-toxic.

Yes, please visit the special orders desk at your local Bunnings Warehouse for more information.

Not at this time, although we are looking to introduce this in the future.

Not at this time, although we are looking to introduce this in the future. You can, however, retrofit flyscreens to any EasyAS Shutters.

For EasyAS Adjustable Shutters, the maximum width is 3500mm with a maximum height of 2850mm.

These dimensions are based on our Custom Made Size specifications.

For aluminium shutters, please contact your local Bunnings Warehouse store for more information.

No, all EasyAS Shutters come in standard configurations based upon the width and height to ensure structural strength and ease of operation.

No, all blades are operable to allow adjustment of light, privacy and airflow through the blades.

Yes, although they should not be directly exposed to water.

EasyAS Shutters are not suitable for outdoor use.

Yes, all EasyAS Shutters are treated for UV stabilisation and exposure to direct sunlight.

No, at this time EasyAS Shutters are only available for reveal fit windows requiring a minimum depth clearance of 70mm.

EasyAS Adjustable PVC Plantation Shutters are only suitable for indoor use.

We offer an aluminium outdoor shutter for external applications. Please visit the special orders desk at your local Bunnings Warehouse for more information.

Yes, if you know the reveal depth is greater than 70mm.

That is the beauty of this product – the frames are adjustable.

Delivery for standard size shutters is within 10 to 14 working days from date of order.

However, for orders that include custom shutters, or consist of only custom shutters, delivery time will be approximately 40 days working days from date of order.

Most homeowners can install an EasyAS Shutter in a window opening within 1 hour even if they have no previous experience of installing windows or shutters.

However, for those people who are unsure if they will be able to undertake this task we suggest either booking a handyman to install the shutters for you or that you initially install your EasyAS Shutters in one single room (for example, the bathroom) to develop your confidence before moving on to the rest of windows in your home.

No, the beauty of EasyAS Shutters is that you can install them into each separate window opening in line with your desired timing and budget.

This is a significant advantage over purchasing shutters through an installer who will generally wish to undertake the installation of the whole house in one go.

Shutters are the only window furnishing that can offer the homeowner all these benefits while maintain your privacy and views:

  • Beautiful looks
  • Control the light
  • Natural airflow
  • Insulation
  • Reduce furniture and floor fading
  • Added value to your home

Care must be taken when cleaning your shutters. Generally, dust may be easily brushed off at regular intervals. Tilt the blades almost all the way in one direction. Using a feather duster, soft cloth, dust mitt, or vacuum cleaner with a soft furniture attachment, clean each blade individually. Then flip the blades in the other direction and repeat. This can prevent dirt from accumulating and damaging the finish if done regularly.

To remove more significant dirt build-up, wipe the blades with a damp cloth and then dry the blades immediately. Add mild liquid soap if necessary. Any cleaning product that contains abrasives or caustic components should not be used, as it can adversely affect the finish.

We recommend that you NEVER immerse your shutters in water.

Do not apply any furniture polish or wax, as this may also affect the painted finish.

With regular maintenance, your shutters should last and look like new for many years to come.

See here for our Care and Maintenace Guide.

No, mid rails heights can’t be changed.

Yes you can – using wall plugs for light duty anchoring in concrete, stone, solid brick and solid block.

  1. First you will need to mark out where the plugs are required to go for correctly fitting the adjustable outer frame
  2. You will need to drill at least a 45mm deep hole using a hammer drill
  3. Gently tap the wall plug into place

An example of what may be suitable for your requirements with specifications can be found here: