Selecting EasyAS Shutters

Selecting EasyAS Adjustable Shutters is... easy! We have 25 Standard Sizes flat packed ready to go and Custom Made to size also available when required.

Selecting EasyAS Shutters Standard Sizes

Through research we have found and created our top 25 standard shutter sizes. These 25 standard sizes are based on Australia and New Zealand’s most popular window sizes. Selecting EasyAS Shutters is simple using our selection guides.

Once you have ‘Check Measured‘ your windows, use our guide to find the EasyAS shutter model that matches each of your window openings. Take note of the model’s item number (I/N).

Standard Size Selection Guide

Selecting EasyAS Shutters Custom Sizes

If your windows are not one of the standard sizes, don’t despair!

We can custom make EasyAS Adjustable Shutters for any size window opening between 400mm to 2850mm high and 410 to 3500mm wide. The great thing is, our custom made EasyAS Shutters are still adjustable by up to 20mm in either direction. This is across the width and height of the window opening.

This also allows your slightly out of square windows to be fitted with EasyAS Shutters. Now you can avoid needing to have your window shutters fitted professionally.

Selecting EasyAS Shutters from our custom made configuration guide is simple. You can view or download the EasyAS Shutter custom size guide and find the correct configuration with the sizes ranges provided. Make sure you have measured and record the dimensions of your window(s).

Custom Size Selection Guide

Another great benefit. Because of the patented adjustable framing system you can even order off your new home plans knowing that the 20mm adjustment will ensure the shutters still fit perfectly.

When you have finished selecting EasyAS Shutters and are ready to place your order, visit your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand and see the team at the Special Orders Desk.

Plan your shutters

Here you can download the ‘Plan your EasyAS Shutters’ PDF. Simply print it and fill out details for windows you would like to fit shutters in.